A Great wolf to a Great butterfly 

I’m a  trouble maker, your a peace maker,  I’m in LoVe with the danger, my life wish I could be a death wish, a great wolf to a great butterfly, what are you in LoVe with?!?, what is your greatest strength? Oh it’s peaceful man secret.. well I’m going to stay around you long enough to know your survival.. a great wolf to a great butterfly… 

The Becoming 

She ( laughs  haha ) then ask me what makes you a peaceful butterfly after becoming one of the most vicious and ambition animals around the country … what makes you this “butterfly wolf” suddenly ?!? I reply I’ve changed  because I see different things of growing  now,  I’m still raw I’m just  maintaining my ambition more discipline with my self I’m not that wild as before  , I  just change into some thing peaceful to keep me  protected from  thinking wild  and becoming surrounded by positive thinking   .. hahaha like a butterfly would do… but a wolf never dies within the man.. he or she may   find new ways of growing up fast … 

A Man White Dress Part1

A Man White Dress
I Look To My Friend
And I Say Its The
Same Old Song Bro
“Thank You For Applying
But We Not Hiring”,
The Heavy Cold
Dance With A Devil,
I Told Him Do Not
Be At Work  By Morning
He Laughs And Say Chill Out Bro
I Don’t Believe You
Will Do It, I Look At  Him
And Tell Him I Love
None Believers Soon As
You Do It They Will
Become The Believers,
 Right Before My
Negative Take Action
I’m Up Early Holding
 My Humbling
 New Black  Pump,
He Pacing Back In
Forth In The Room
With Bad Nerves
Saying  To Me,Me And My
Girl Work  There,
I Stand Up From Seat
Right Next To Him
And Tell Him Its Still
Going Down
Like Rich Soil
I Really Don’t Care
How You Feeling Brother,
I Texted Him
From The Under World
Bro I Told You I  Was Coming
So Come Out Side And
Look Down At Me ,
He Witnessing  The
Layer Of The Devil
Eyes The Bad Flower
A Man White Dress
That Have Nothing
 Good To Lose…


Some times you feel like you sleeping with the enemy some times you feel like you sleeping with the hero.. Mix feelings is a motherf*cka.. Some times you gotta ask real questions so you wont be blind to the real situation… The same motherf*cka you love is silently kicking your back in ouch uh! … Now you wondering why you got back bones issues at a young age… Control your anger control your motive control thrill , have patient with revenge.. No longer getting younger about to be a old man. the good and The bad things has been looking for me  all week find me in power controlling  whats mines in the final times.. #Aconcretefreestyle#602530_698675239159_390927772_n

after all, all these dark sparks

after all, all these nice lights


A woman smile is powerful specially, when she’s going thru

so much with trusting people and

other distractions that had may came her way..

she be like awww after all of this

I’m still the woman the sun is still shinning

over here, who cares though?!? i care..

i love the strong

i love strong women

when she win, she party hard,

then when she lose,

she party even harder

after all, all these dark sparks


Living in The Dark Part 1 (Part 2 Coming Soon)

Living in The Dark Part 1


3am i awake by my emotion, damn baby i’m losing focus.. why am i feeling this way..

How can the man of me feel so deep.. when you do not belong to me or

never did belong to me

Oh my what is really wrong with me!?! …

So i awake to  put my cloths back on.. calling the cab they said the driver  will be here

in 5 minutes the driver is going to beat the horn when he is out side..

So i slide to the right to my dresser to grab my half bottle of remy and my house keys..

As i’m waiting for the cab.. I’m drinking more and more of the devil juice talking to

my self like she gotta know how i really feel yo.. Looking at  the bed like damn i should

jump back in it. it’s too late for all of this .. is this feeling really worth exsposing

my self like this to her.. i wonder as drinking from the half empty bottle holding it straight

 in the air with my eyes close.. like oh yes what a wonderful feeling no more i have to wonder..

Ima bring this bottle so she  can see i’m drunk in my thoughts with real feelings…

Beat! beat! beat!.. Oh damn the cab is here.. let me grab my ipod with some love songs on it

Time to conceal the bottle of remy martin .. he might not let me get in The Cab  With it…

i get in he ask were to?..

I just stared at him from the back seat and i pause i didnt know what to say..

um! um! …the garden on south broad avenue in prize town.. He said alright  $10 my friend..

So i put my ipod on to vibe out the moment to keep

my mind off showing up at her house this damn late

like a stranger.. i closed my eyes thinking what would she say and ima fool for this..

The remy is kicking in now my body feeling num..

I’m like yeah perfect just hope not to mumble  my words exsplaining my feelings to her..

I open my eyes i hear a grown man screaming ahhhh shit on repeat..

I see a  big ass mack truck tearing my side door down.. all the windows busting..

i hear a grown man moaning a lil lower than my voice ahhhh shit!!!.. 

the cab is spinning in circles my mind is spinning rumbles..

My body is crush.. my ipod crush in my right hand.. my back is crush ..

slowly my blood rush into the back seats i’m not even in panic

like this sh*t post to happening heaven or hell i feel so peaceful and stuck….

I feel my heart beating no more.. glass in my left eye..

I can not  even move.. hear no one.. i feel my legs no more..

So picture me waking up in my 4 box room popping up..

reaching for some late morning water with lime in it

Then writing about this crazzy dream i had last night..

But instead i see my self in a cold morgue..

They stitching my lips together ..they stitching my eyes close shut together

and pumping fluid into me..  my body start to react with surprising bad nerves

i like what f*ck yall doing yo Stop I’M ALIVE ..

So i check my facebook wall some

folks posting.. this guy i know of posted  rip bell roc love you my nigga see you when i get there…

a woman posted  Its still shock your gone Bell..i always had a crush on you i just never

got the chance to tell you in person.. but hopefully tomorrow its a open casket i tell you then..

 bell i feel your spirit i know you know now.. much love to you and your family and friends 

my eye brows rise with a surprise like what the f*ck is all yall saying… Living In The Dark Part 1.. luvv

Before The Day Break

The death of a cool  poet, the flow is tight as my grey casket that drops slowly in that amazing plot, but the  theme is to come back soon as a black Wolf with a silver mind, but this time im going to be unstoppable like Denzel Washington  standing on that motherfuckin day train, breathing the  hope and the faith of a real n*gga, i was once was a beast so I’m coming back as a beast, once was a real n*gga.. so I’m coming back as a real n*gga, once was a lover so im coming back as a stronger lover, yo i silently promise my self i wont let my feelings lie to me, she say baby you a motherfuckin animal, so i can not be seen with a motherfucking animal, so love me from a distance friends forever when that grey moon  appear  to us with silence, we kissing as the dark light shines on our shadows, she say emmmm baby you taste better than cold  white wine, i look her in the eyez  and say itz about time we can be seen alone.. She laughs and says boy can i have some more white wine before the day break.. So i grab her lightly and say yes you can.. Life can be crazy with you or without you… howl!!! it’s a full moon baby!!!!!!!!!  love

The Untitled Sky

The Untitled Sky


I’m Not That Conceal I Keep It  Real

Some Good Things Is Not Hidden To Me

I Carry This Loaded Young Wisdom

Black  Pistle But I’m No

Shooting Star That Level

To Life Is So  Far To Grasp ,

I Keep My Hazel Eyes On The Prise

But I Can See To Go Blind Too

I Can Love My World Ocean To Joy

But My Heart Can Be Broken Too.

They Say Pray Don’t Give Up On Sky

Hey I Hear  Great Familar Voices To Me

The Same Ol Same Ol Same Ol

Just Another Day In A Week,

I Don’t Have Everything Valuable

But Some Things Has  Means  To Me

 These Dreams And Nightmares At

The Bottom Has More Rise On Me…bell